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opcje binarne jak handlować the Vital technology behind outstanding service

buy Priligy with mastercard in Hartford Connecticut Tastylia Strips 20mg Tadalafil Ghevarsha International Legal Supplier At Vital, we recognise two things as being essential to delivering a world-class managed communications service.

il sistema binario guadagnare soldi da casa Firstly, assembling an industry-leading team of experts across every area of the business. And secondly, using technology to create a system to deliver maximum efficiency and improve every aspect of our service from start to finish.

buy Requip us The unique technology system we have developed is called Epoch, and it helps us deliver a host of service benefits to clients through four key areas: efficiency, control, transparency and cost confidence.

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Online Proofing and Amends Tracking

Online Proofing and Amends Tracking

Integrated Digital Asset Management

Clarity Over Savings

Extensive Reporting and Analytics

Complete Cost Confidence

How Epoch works

Read more on how Epoch positively impacts the key areas of efficiency, control, transparency and cost confidence.







Epoch delivers efficiencies throughout the managed communications process without compromising any availability of information or detail about any job at any time. This single system manages everything from workflow to tendering, tracking and performance monitoring.

The Epoch system is designed to add value at every possible opportunity by saving time and administration, and by streamlining processes wherever possible – cost savings that we are able to pass onto the client.

The system also enables considerable efficiencies delivered through online proofing, corrections and an all-round reduction to the administrative burden that traditionally comes with managing large-scale communications projects.

  • Overflow creative work routed to vendor
  • Complete job management workflow
  • Performance monitoring
  • Streamlining of processes


A system That Gives customers complete control

Epoch is also about putting clients in control. Designed intuitively and to be as user-friendly as possible, clients benefit from being able to customise the interface to suit their organisation and set many preferences to reflect the operation of their own business.

Epoch facilitates online proofing, amends-tracking and versioning, enables digital asset management and provides a host of control options, such as full vendor control according to criteria specified by the client’s company.

  • Online proofing and amends tracking
  • Customisable interface
  • Full vendor control
  • Integrated Digital Asset Management


Openness and transparency in everything we do

Vital fully understands that every pound of spend has to be accounted for. With this in mind, Epoch has been created to allow cost transparency on every project including all pricing, pricing targets, agreed mark-up and gainshare agreements.

Working with Vital gives clients complete cost visibility, with nothing hidden and every penny accountable – with information available at any time, in real time, via extensive reporting and analytics.

  • Agreed pricing and mark-up agreements
  • Clarity over savings
  • Extensive reporting and analytics
  • Complete cost visibility


Demonstrable cost-confidence every time we price for you

The final key and noteworthy feature of Vital’s exclusive Epoch system is the cost confidence that it provides to clients.

Procurement professionals and Finance Directors need to know that every job they purchase on behalf of their business comes in at the best possible price; Epoch uses a built-in smart purchasing strategy to compare vendor prices and ensure the best prices are delivered. Submitted tenders are compared based on historical purchasing, client cost and sales data. This creates benchmark pricing, and a resulting cost database against which gainshare allocation can be agreed.

Once all the data is available, the Vital team works with the client using the project specification and benchmark figure to explore further avenues of potential cost savings: harder negotiation with vendors using Vital’s (and Office Depot’s) enormous buying power, re-engineering specifications to explore cheaper options, reconsidering the production process, standardising materials such as paper stocks, and looking at technology alternatives.

  • Smart purchasing strategy
  • Vendor price comparison
  • Unique procurement strategy
  • Complete cost-confidence

Using technology to deliver a binaire opties brokers vergelijken service our clients can trust

Epoch helps Vital to meet the very high demands of modern businesses that require comprehensive managed communications solutions. With Epoch, Vital has developed a system to support our exceptional team and industry-leading processes in order to deliver efficiencies and cost savings like never before.

With a functional web-based platform, and features that are compatible with (migratable into) existing systems, clients remain in full control, and cost confidence and complete transparency helps to deliver a managed communications service from Vital that clients can emphatically trust.

Named as one of 2015's "Cool MRM Technologies" by world-leading research and advisory company, Gartner.

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